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Shoe Skates to provide both Competitive Edge and Freestyle Broad PU Wheels: 65mm x 35mm, 82A Polyurethane Shockers Precision Bearing Available sizes: Junior: 11-3 & Adult: 1-10 BENEFITS OF SKATING :- 1. You can stay in shape just by Inline Skating three times a week for 2 hour sessions. 2. Regular Inline Skating not only burns about 6 calories a minute, or 360 calories an hour, but also turns fat into muscle - a double benefit. A few tips on eating and skating: 1. It's a good idea not eat too much just before skating. It's better to eat afterwards. 2. Eating fattening foods will just replace the calories you've just burned off 3. Remember that it's a gradual process. Check your progress after you've been skating for about a month. A gradual improvement will be longer lasting. Assorted color will be dispatch

Yonker Shoe Skate Racer Quad Roller Skates (Free Skates Bag)


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